From Summer of Love to Annapolis in 17 Years

Home to California

Grateful Dead in Haight-Ashbury

I was born halfway between Monterey and San Francisco in the Summer of 1967.  The Monterey Pop Festival had happened a couple of months before, and the Summer of Love was underway in the Haight-Ashbury.  My parents had just moved the family up the coast from Monterey, to the little town of Mountain View.  While Mountain View is now known for Google, back then it was cherry orchards and new tract homes.  I was the youngest in a large family, and my closest sibling was six years older than me. My parents were the farthest from the Summer of Love as humanly possible.  Married in 1942, my Dad fought in the South Pacific during the war and came home to raise a family in post-war California.  They were definitely not hippies, and the Grateful Dead did not exist in their minds.

I had the benefit of learning about life from…

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